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Single Trip, Multi Trip and Expatriate Health Plans

Physician Appointments

We are contracted with highly-qualified physicians in over 180 countries to provide care to our members. These physicians bill us directly for covered services when the services are pre-authorized and guaranteed by us in conjunction with our appointment scheduling service. Please note, direct billing may not be available in all situations.

Our members can request appointments with our contracted physicians outside the United States by submitting an online Appointment Scheduling request, contacting our 24/7 at +1 610 254 8771 or emailing

If our members seek treatment from a contracted physician without notifying us in advance, the physician will expect payment in full at the time of service. Members who elect to pay the physician at the time of service should request an itemized invoice and receipt from the physician and must submit these documents with a claim form (see below) to us for reimbursement of covered charges.

Our members are free to seek care from any physician. If the physician is not contracted with us, the member should pay the physician at the time of service and submit a claim to us.

Planned Hospital Admissions

We can assist members with access to over 900 leading international medical centers called Partner Facilities, which have agreed to bill us directly for pre-authorized inpatient services. These facilities are identified in the CityHealth Profile with our logo. Please note, direct billing may not be available in all situations.

To arrange for a Partner Facility to bill us directly, members must contact us by emailing or by calling +1 610 254 8771 The request should be made at least 2 business days prior to scheduled treatment. If our members seek treatment at a Partner Facility without notifying us in advance, the Facility may expect payment in full at the time of service.

Download a HTH TravelGap claim form

How to submit a claim form

Following these instructions will expedite the payment of your claim
Following the steps below will help us processing your claim as quickly as possible. Submitting an incomplete form will result in delays in the payment of your claim.

  • Complete Part A of the claim form in full each time you are seen for a new sickness or injury. Answer all questions, even if the answer is "none" or "N/A."
  • Submit the original detailed provider bill, which should include the following:
 1.  Patient's Name
 2.  Insured's Name
 3.  Charges Incurred
 4.  Diagnosis
 5.  Date of Service
  • When services are rendered at a clinic, hospital or other medical facility, you will need to ask the provider to complete Part B of the claim form indicating the date seen and the diagnosis. Please include the full name and address of the provider. Part B is found on the reverse side of the claim form.
  • If another health insurance plan is the primary payer, please indicate the insurance company name, address and phone number along with your policy number.
  • Be certain that the name on the bill you are submitting is the same as that which is indicated on your ID card. If not, please enclose a short note of explanation.
  • Benefits payable under this plan will be coordinated with any automobile coverage. Benefits under our plan will also be coordinated with benefits provided or required by any no-fault automobile coverage statute, whether or not a no-fault policy is in effect. This plan will be applied on a secondary basis to any state mandated automobile coverage for services and supplies eligible for consideration under this plan.
  • All claims must be filed with our office within the twelve (12) month period from the date of the incurred expense.

Please submit all claim forms for TravelGap Single Trip with attached receipts to the following address:

HTH Worldwide Insurance Services
On Behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
PO Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623

Call toll-free from the US 888.957.5009; OR collect from outside the US +1.727.412.7377


To check on status of a TravelGap Voyager or TravelGap Excursion claim, please call 888.957.5009