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Claims Information

HTH Administration Services is committed to providing prompt, fair and equitable claims service. To keep our commitment to you, our claims representatives undergo extensive training. They have been taught to always look for coverage, instead of looking for reasons to deny coverage to you. Below, you can download the forms needed for a variety of covered benefits.

The HTH Administration Services Claims Department Pledges the Following to All Insured Clients:

  • All correspondence and required documentation are processed in a timely manner.
  • Phone calls are returned within one business day (most calls are returned on the same day they are received).
  • Claim payment checks are promptly mailed to you when your settlement is finalized.

Download Your Claim Forms

Trip Cancellation

Trip Interruption

Travel Delay

Baggage Loss

Baggage Delay

Medical Claim Form

Collision (Applies to Your Rental Car Coverage)

Filing a claim on your travel insurance plan is a relatively easy process. Please follow these steps to expedite your claim:

1. Download the appropriate claim form.

2. Provide the Required Documentation.

*After you complete your travel insurance claim form, visit our Required Documentation page for a complete list of the supporting documentation needed to complete the claim process.

Note: If your trip is cancelled due to a sickness or injury, please make sure the required party signs a patient authorization as medical records may be required to finalize the claim. Download the Patient Authorization form.

3. Submit Your Form(s) and Documentation to HTH Administrative Services.

Mail your completed form(s) and required documentation to HTH Administration Services at the address below. For your convenience, you can also write, call, fax, or email HTH Administration Services to request a travel insurance claim form.

For Medical Claims:
Telephone:  888.243.2358
Mail:HTH Worldwide
933 First Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19406
For all other claims :
Telephone:  866.655.30358
Mail:HTH Worldwide
P.O. Box 939057
San Diego, CA 92193-9057

*For all Air Flight Accident and Travel Accident claims, please call HTH Administration Services at (800) 348-9505.