Case Studies - HTH in Action

TravelGap Multi-Trip Gold Nimes

Travel Health Insurance Testimonials
Location: Nimes, France. HTH member from Arizona was in southern France on vacation with spouse; they were touring important architecture from the Roman Empire.
Product Purchased: TravelGap Multi-Trip Gold
Medical Situation: While attempting to take a photograph, member fell off a ledge, suffering a severe fracture to leg and was taken immediately by ground ambulance to a public acute facility nearby, the Hospital Universitaire Car meau in Nimes.
Diagnosis: Broken femur, with severe ligament tears.
Action Plan:

Due to the acute nature of the injury, immediate surgery and rod insertion to repair the break is recommended. HTH's medical assistance team screens and approves for appropriateness of care. HTH arranges direct billing at the hospital to cover the expenses. Following surgery, the patient requires inpatient care for 5 days. HTH monitors the patient's condition throughout hospital stay.

Outcome: Once the member is medically cleared to fly, HTH coordinates travel back to the U.S. for both the member and spouse. This coordination includes arranging for upgraded, more comfortable seating and wheelchair assistance.

TravelGap® Excursion Lombok, Indonesia

Location: Lombok, Indonesia. HTH member from a volunteer program in Australia for a week long sojourn in Indonesia. HTH member hailed from Fredericksburg, VA but had been stationed in Darwin doing volunteer work.
Product Purchased: TravelGap® Excursion
Medical Situation: 18 year old member was hit by a motor vehicle. Given the extent of injuries, member was immediately admitted to a local hospital for stabilization.
Diagnosis: Open fracture of right lower leg; immediate surgery required.
Action Plan:

Upon member's admission to the hospital, HTH Worldwide's Chief Medical Director consults with the attending physician. Due to the serious nature of injuries and lack of appropriate medical resources in Lombok, medical evacuation via Air Ambulance is arranged to Singapore. Hospital Admission in Singapore at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, a leading facility, is arranged by HTH's medical assistance team. HTH pays directly for all medical bills in Indonesia and Singapore.

A bedside visit benefit is coordinated by HTH and the patient's mother travels to meet member in Singapore. HTH continues medical monitoring throughout hospital stay, obtaining daily medical updates on patient to ensure appropriateness of care.

Outcome: Once the member had been medically approved to fly, the member is returned to Australia to continue working with the volunteer program. HTH arranged and paid for transportation and upgraded seating to Australia and the necessary physical therapy received there.

TravelGap® Excursion Beijing

Location: Beijing, China. HTH member travels from Vermont to visit a family member.
Product Purchased: TravelGap® Excursion
Medical Situation: A 64 year old patient is admitted to Beijing United Family Hospital for evaluation and treatment of vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramping. Patient is a repeat TravelGap® member, having been hospitalized in Vietnam two years earlier.
Diagnosis: Recurrence of Diverticulitis, a gastrointestinal condition.
Action Plan:

Upon admission, HTH Medical Director consults with the attending physician. Because of age and severity of symptoms, patient is hospitalized for 7 days.

Bedside visit benefit of $1500 is authorized by HTH to enable patient's son to travel to China for support. HTH continues medical monitoring throughout the hospital stay, obtaining daily medical updates on patient to ensure appropriateness of care.

Outcome: After hospital discharge, patient remains in China for five more days while she regains strength to travel back to the U.S. HTH coordinates business class travel for return trip.

TravelGap® Excursion - Nha Trang

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam, a popular beach town approximately 300 miles north of Ho Chi Minh City. Travel time by bus is approximately 12 hours. HTH member was on honeymoon, having traveled from Washington, DC.
Product Purchased: TravelGap® Excursion
Medical Situation: After experiencing severe abdominal pain, member seeks treatment on his own at a local clinic in Nha Trang. The doctor recommends surgery at an inpatient facility in Ho Chi Minh City. The member had a pre-existing medical condition. Member calls HTH for assistance.
Diagnosis: Perforated duodenal ulcer requiring immediate surgery, along with related medical problems.
Action Plan:

Given the patient's medical history, the critical medical condition, and the lack of appropriate medical facilities in Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, HTH's medical assistance team arranges to transport the patient via air ambulance to Bangkok, Thailand to be treated by a U.S. Board certified Gastroenterologist affiliated with Bumrungrad Hospital, an internationally recognized medical facility, operated by a U.S. based company.

The air ambulance flight needed to be carefully orchestrated since the air strip in Nha Trang is open only from sunrise to sunset. Special approval to keep the airport open after dark was coordinated through the US consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. The air ambulance arrived in Nha Trang within 24 hours of initial notification.

Hospital Discharge: Once the patient was considered fit to fly, HTH coordinated and paid for the return trip to the U.S. to continue treatment. Doctors advised that a non-medical escort would be appropriate, and the spouse's transportation costs were covered.