Recruiting & Credentialing Process

Recruiting Philosophy
  • HTH strives to identify and recruit the finest hospitals and doctors that are available--doctors and hospitals that HTH's staff would confidently and comfortably visit themselves or recommend to a family member.
  • Participation is "by invitation" only.
  • HTH does not require or accept fees or payments from healthcare providers.
  • The provider recruitment process begins with an assessment of the healthcare services that are available in a destination. This standardized process includes reviews of hospital quality conducted by third parties such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (International), US News & World Report and local or regional publications. HTH supplements this information by conducting telephone interviews with local travel and tourism professionals as well as local healthcare authorities and experts.
  • The following additional sources assist the recruiting process: (1) the medical staff of participating HTH health systems, hospitals or medical groups, (2) provider development professionals with specific knowledge of the healthcare community in particular geographic areas, (3) the HTH Medical Advisory Board.
  • CityHealth Profilessm are based on the research described above.
Participating Providers
  • Participating Health Systems and Medical Centers have entered into an agreement with HTH. In the Agreement each U.S. participant has stated that its affiliated physicians and healthcare providers have undergone a credentialing process consistent with the standards of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and/or the National Committee for Quality Assurance.
  • Participating Medical Groups in the U.S. have certified that physician members of the group (1) hold all appropriate licenses that are necessary for the performance of their professional duties, (2) are not currently under investigation by a state medical licensing board and have not been investigated by a licensing board in the past five years; and (3) have the ability to practice medicine in a manner which is not impaired by any physical, mental or emotional condition. In addition, Medical Groups have certified that participating physicians are Board Certified, possess staff privileges at an accredited hospital or participate with a managed care plan that maintains a certified physician credentialing program.
  • All international participating physicians are invited into the HTH network based upon their affiliation with or certification by entities of international scope that meet HTH's standards. Each international participating physician has executed an agreement certifying that they are fully licensed to practice medicine in their country, that they have received post-graduate medical training in a Western country and that they are fluent in English.
  • Participating health systems, medical centers and medical groups provide HTH with biographical data on their affiliated physicians, for the use of HTH customers who require medical attention.
Other Notable Centers/Clinics
  • CityHealth Profilessm provide information about selected hospitals, medical centers, and clinics, some of which do not participate with HTH. These centers are identified as described above, and travelers who need medical care in a particular destination may wish to consider these providers, in addition to the HTH participating providers.
  • Because some of these "Notable Centers/Clinics" do not participate with HTH and have not entered into an Agreement with HTH, HTH (1) cannot make any statements about the physician credentialing procedures that are in place at these facilities and (2) cannot provide customers biographical data about the physicians and healthcare providers who are affiliated with these institutions.
  • The list of "Notable Centers/Clinics" is not comprehensive. Travelers may wish to seek care at facilities that are not included in CityHealth Profiles sm or on the HTH website.