Our members benefit from our ability to pay contracted providers directly for services. Now you can access care worldwide, without hassles or red tape.

Claims Process outside the U.S. (1-2-3)

We contract with world class providers in over 180 countries. By visiting a contracted doctor or facility, we are able to arrange Direct Pay* so members can avoid having to pay up front for services.

3 easy options to arrange medical services and enjoy Direct Pay:

  1. Visit our Member Services area and log in
  2. Call +1.610.254.8771 for assistance
  3. Email with your request

*Please note: Direct Pay may not be available in every situation.

You are free to use providers outside of our community. When you do so, please pay for outpatient services and submit a claim to us. Upon request, we will make our best effort to arrange Direct Pay with a non-contracted facility. When this is not possible, please pay for outpatient services and submit a claim.

Claim Form:

HTH Accident and Sickness Claim Form
HTH AD&D Claim Form


To check status of a claim:

Call toll-free from the US 888.243.2358 ; OR collect from outside the US +1.610.254.5850 OR