Group FAQs

  1. How do I qualify for a group plan?

    In order to qualify for a group plan, travelers must meet the eligibility criteria and 5 or more travelers must be enrolling in the plan.

  2. Are group rates lower than rates offered to individuals?

    Yes. Group enrollees qualify for a rate 10% lower than standard rates.

  3. What is the minimum and maximum trip length?

    A trip can be as short as 1 day or as long as 180 days. The minimum group charge assessed is 7 days.

  4. Can I start the enrollment process and complete it later?

    After running a quote and starting the enrollment process, you are able to save your progress and come back later. You will be asked to choose a user name and password, so you can login securely to complete the process at a later time.

  5. What information is required at time of enrollment?

    There are three parts to the enrollment process:

    1. Quote and Select a plan *
    2. Submit the Group Enrollment form
    3. Submit the Enrollment Information for all Travelers

    To submit the Group Enrollment Form, you will need the following information: contact name, organization (if applicable), phone number, email address, mailing address, trip dates, travel destination(s) and trip purpose.

    After submitting the Group Enrollment form, you may submit the Traveler Enrollment information using one of the following methods.

    • Complete the "Enrollment Upload" on our site (recommended for 10 or more travelers)
    • Submit the "Manual Enrollment" detail for each traveler
    • Email a completed Enrollment File to

    *NOTE: you can choose to bypass quoting and proceed directly to enrollment.

  6. What methods of payment are accepted?

    Premiums can be made by a major credit card or by check.

    If paying by check, you must email your completed Enrollment File to Enrollments cannot be processed in our system until proof of payment is received. Please mail your check immediately after submitting your Enrollment File.

    A single check for all travelers should be made payable to WIS and mailed to:

    c/o Travel Enrollment
    933 First Avenue
    King of Prussia, PA 19406

    In situations in which a group is departing in the next few days, we will accept a faxed photocopy of a check as proof of payment. Faxed checks should be sent to 610-293-3529.

  7. How are medical evacuation decisions made?

    The evacuation benefit pays for a medical evacuation to the nearest hospital, appropriate medical facility or back to the U.S. Transportation must be by the most direct and economical route. All evacuations require written certification by the attending physician that the evacuation is medically necessary and must be approved by us.

  8. Are acts of terrorism covered under this plan?

    Yes. The Group plans do not exclude illnesses or injuries related to terrorism or a terrorist act. In order to be covered in countries where there are open hostilities, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, a member must not be engaged in hostile or combative activities.

  9. How do I access participating medical providers outside the U.S. and avoid claim forms?

    Visit the member services area to find a doctor outside the U.S. to access a contracted community of elite providers in over 180 countries. Members can access these carefully selected providers and arrange for the bills to be sent directly to us. Please note, a member is responsible for their deductible at time of service, if applicable.

    Direct Pay can be requested by calling the assistance telephone number listed on your member ID card.

    A claims instruction page is available online and can be accessed by visiting the Claims page. Claim forms are downloadable from this section of the site.

  10. Will my pre-existing condition be covered under a Group plan?

    Pre-existing medical conditions are treated differently depending upon the plan you have selected.

    Plan option for traveler with primary health insurance and pre-existing conditions

    Benefits for pre-existing conditions are covered up to the policy maximum. Please see eligibility requirements.

    Plan option for traveler without primary health insurance and pre-existing conditions

    Benefits are not available for any services received on or within 6 months after the Eligibility Date of an Insured Person, if those services are related to a Pre-existing Condition as defined in the Definitions section of the Plan Description. This exclusion does not apply to a Newborn that is enrolled within 31 days of birth or a newly adopted child that is enrolled within 31 days from either the date of placement of the child in the home, or the date of the final decree of adoption.

    This limitation does not apply to the Medical Evacuation Benefit, the Repatriation of Remains Benefit and to the Bedside Visit Benefit.

  11. Does this plan meet all Schengen Visa requirements?

    Yes, HTH plans meet all of the Schengen Visa requirements. If you will be traveling to any of the countries within the Schengen area and depending on your nationality, you may be required to show proof that your insurance plan has certain benefits. HTH can provide you with a Visa letter that you can use as proof to show the consulate that your policy meets all the Schengen visa requirements. The Visa letter contains all the specific wording the consulate is looking for.

    The countries within the Schengen area requiring a short-stay visa and proof of insurance include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France and Monaco, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. See the most current list of countries within the Schengen area and find out which nationalities require a visa and Schengen travel health insurance.

  12. How do I read the fine print?

    To view a sample policy, visit: